Way To Go Wednesday!

Way To Go Wednesday!

  I ‘ve reread my last post a few times since posting it and I instantly felt all of the negativity and frustration climbing out of my screen and back into my being. I’m glad I wrote the post, it helped me release, but I want to do a little soul uplifting today so I dub today “Way to go Wednesday”! 

Way to go Wednesday is just a quick list of the things I’m doing right. I’ve already admitted that I tend to be my harshest critic so in the spirit of change and enlightenment….

This is Why I’m Hot:

I stopped wishing my kid would nap today and took him on a bike ride instead. The weather was beautiful!

I’ve recently gotten better and more efficient at cleaning and cooking… Housewife of the year award?!

My confidence behind the wheel has hugely increased! (I only got my license at age 19 and always felt major anxiety driving due to a crippling fear of car accidents.) 

My confidence in general has gone up. I feel more like a woman lately and less like a child whose opinions aren’t valued.

And finally, I’ve been more empathetic and able to see things from other people’s perspectives. Empathy is such a beautiful emotion, it means to be able to see a glimpse of yourself in someone else’s eyes and immediately know that we come from the same Divine Energy that I call Source. In that moment their hurt becomes your hurt, their joy become your joy. Whatever wrong they caused outwardly makes you wonder and care about the hurt inside that started it. This empathy has been growing inside of me and I’ve been nurturing it, I feel it can serve a bigger purpose and so I value it tremendously. 

Wow! That actually feels great! A little self-horn-tooting does the soul good. We all have greatness within us and I’m slowly learning that it’s ok to embrace it and it’s ok to let our lights shine bright; you might even light someone else’s light in the process! So tell me, what makes you great? Even if you’ve had a bad day, week, month… Actually especially if you’re having a rough time, think of FIVE things that you are absolutely rocking at right now and share them in the comments. I promise it will boost your mood and confidence. Can’t wait to hear them!

Love & Light,
The Awakened Momma 


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  1. Love this and really needed it today! Right now I am letting my son sleep on my chest even though the dishes are dirty and the floors need mopping. I think that makes me a pretty awesome Mama!

  2. Love this idea! Maybe I need to think of five things, because I am super negative lately.Five things…five things… I seriously cannot think of five things. How sad is that? Oh I know! I have a huge collection of gamer shirts and I’m proud of that collection. Then again I still can’t fit into all of them like I used to… Hmm… Maybe I’m just not meant to be positive. Negative Nancy is in the building haha. I do love this idea and I will try to do this right. Everyone could use some positive in their lives.

    • Aww Sam! I can think of five awesome things about you!
      1)Awesome Mom
      2)Extremely passionate
      5)Super HAWT

      Be kind to yourself, even when you are feeling down, you should know that everyone else around you already sees your worth, you just gotta catch up 😉

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