Grateful for This Mombie Monday

Grateful for This Mombie Monday

Oh Monday, I don’t even have a regular job and you still manage to stand out against the other days of the week. 
Monday is like the eldest sibling who won’t be overshadowed by those pesky younger sibs. Monday’s gotta keep mom and dad (those unsuspecting fools) on their toes. Well you got me again Monday!

It’s only 9 am as I type this and already I could use a nap. I have a sick little nursling falling back asleep on top of me running around at full speed. It’s almost as if the four-round vomiting debacle that occurred from 1 am until 7 am is no more than a memory of a bad dream to him. I wish little dude, I wish. Indeed it did occur, and I have the stench of vomit in my hair to prove it. Four times EJ gasped for air in his sleep and I hurriedly came to the rescue (I can officially add volunteer throw-up bucket to my resume), four times we changed the sheets, four times we changed our clothes, four times sleep eluded us.  

Running up and down the hall at full speed.

Running up and down the hall at full speed.

But I have to say, through it all, my little is a trooper. He did not cry through the whole ordeal, he was surprisingly calm and all was well as long as I remained within arm’s reach. His coping skills deserve merit because I really really really do not like being sick and I would have been a whining mess if the tables were turned. It all got me thinking: how amazing would it be if we retained our resilience and acceptance from childhood and carried it along to adulthood? I imagine a world with less excuses and more action. I imagine a world with more smiles and hugs.

So while I am a feeling like a mombie today, functioning at half-speed and tripping over my own two feet, I am taking this opportunity to be very grateful. 
My son finds comfort in my presence. 
My son is my greatest teacher.
I have a husband who will wake up with me and change the sheets while I wipe the vomit off of my face.
Apart from minor situations like this, I have a healthy little who thrives every day.
He’s beautiful, I love him and just being present for his life gives me an immeasurable, indescribable amount of joy. 

My friends, I hope today turns out to be a marvelous Monday for you all. If you face a tough situation today and you find yourself thinking “what would EJ do?”, the answer would be, he’d leave the past in the past and fully live in every moment that came his way. 

Love & Light,
The Awakened Momma

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