Judge Not Today



I estimate that about 75% of the thoughts that I have in one day are judgements. Judgements against myself, judgements against others, and judgements against the world. I may even be wildly underestimating…maybe it’s more like 80-90%!
Whoo, that’s a lot of judging!! Well I am a Virgo after all and one of our distinguishing characteristics is our nearly superhuman ability to “analyze” (aka judge the life out of everything). Judgement is a necessary part of this universe, we humans need to discriminate to discern the valuable situations from the harmful. But when judgement and balance aren’t used in the same breath, things can quickly spiral out of control.

Ever since my admittance to my addiction to distractions, I’ve gained a new perspective about a lot of things. How can I look down on that smoker who can’t put down his cigarette when I struggle daily to put down my phone? How can I scrutinize the mom who spanks her kids when my anxiety leads me to visualize the exact action? The obese person in the McDonald’s drive thru, the attention-starved child throwing a tantrum, the workaholic that buries his pains and fears under his pile of paperwork. I am them, I see my pain in their eyes. I would look at them before and wonder “How can they do that? They are destroying their lives!” Now I look at them and whisper “I see you” and I do. I honor their struggle. Everyone is on this planet to fulfill a mission and I honor those souls whose missions include overcoming monumental physical, mental, and/or spiritual struggles.

So forgiving and not judging others is the easy part. My biggest challenge comes in when I have to remind myself that the same way I honor others going through life’s struggles, I have to honor myself. I used to think that I had to learn how to forgive myself but now I see there’s nothing to forgive. My biggest lesson is to simply love myself. I may judge my actions as bad, detrimental, and hard to forgive but it’s simply a judgement. Every action either brings me closer or further to fulfilling my mission. In the grand scheme of things there is no good or bad. The Source of Divine Energy doesn’t look at me and say “Your bad actions make you unworthy of my love!” Source always loves, Source is LOVE and the same way Source loves me is the same way I want to love myself, the same way I want to love everyone else.

Thank you for reading friends, it is a cleansing experience to pour my soul into words. I’d also like to share the words from a track of Deepak Chopra’s Soul of Healing Affirmations… Enjoy!

Judge Not Today

“Judgment creates turbulence in our mind. When there is turbulence in our mind, then it interferes with the creativity of our soul. Creativity and judgment don’t go together. Judgment also means that letting go of the need to classify things, to call them either right or wrong, to label, to define, to describe, to evaluate, to analyze.

Let go, today. Judge not today. Today I will practice non-judgment.

This affirmation is about releasing the need to be judgmental. Just make this your lesson today. Consider what happens when you judge someone – it makes another person wrong. Someone else is wrong to feel a certain way, to look a certain way, to hold certain opinions. Judgment immediately creates separation. Any person who is wrong then becomes ‘them’. The need to judge arises from the need to be isolated – this is the ego’s form of defense. But at the same time you are pulling away from your true self. The same walls that keep other people away also shut off the flow of Spirit.
When you learn not to judge, you are basically saying, “I am willing to let anything in without deciding first whether it is good or bad.”

In the practice of openness, you will be inviting your soul to be intimate with you. So put your attention in your heart right now, and just repeat to yourself:

Today, I will judge nothing that occurs.
Today, I will judge nothing that occurs.
Today, I will judge nothing that occurs.
And by letting go of my judgments today, I will experience silence in my mind.
By shedding the burden of judgment today, I will experience silence in my mind.
And in this silence, I will find the ecstatic impulse, which is also the evolutionary impulse of the universe.
And I will align myself with the ecstatic evolutionary impulse of the universe, by letting go of all my judgments.
Today, I will not classify
I will not label
I will not define
I will not describe
I will not evaluate
I will not analyze.
Today, I will shed the burden of judgment.”

Love & Light,
The Awakened Momma


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  1. A very good lesson, as long as you correct your judgements you are half way there. Have missed reading you! Hope what has been getting in the way is nice and not too stressful 🙂

  2. You are completely right- most of what we do on a daily basis, in our minds if not also out loud, is judge. It’s been a huge goal of mine to stop that. I want to look at the bright side and give people the benefit of the doubt… I want to see the good. Thanks for the great reminder!

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