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Candy-Coated Fear


This is the element of freedom...

This is the element of freedom…

Being human sometimes feels a lot like a hugely elaborated video game puzzle where the main character has no freaking clue that they’re in a game. You don’t see the helpful hints or the extra lives that are flashing on the screen, all you know is that you are on a mission and there are many challenges ahead. At least that’s what my life felt like lately and quite frankly I’m done with it… Read the rest of this entry


Dear Anyone

Dear Anyone

Dear God,
Dear Source,
Dear Angels,
Dear anyone who’s listening….
I have forgotten.
I have forgotten how to be still,
I have forgotten how to be mindful,
I have forgotten how to listen,
I have forgotten my mission,
I have forgotten how to be me.
I have forgotten how to be.
I have forgotten and it is causing me suffering.
I want to wake up.
I feel like I’m trapped in a dream and every now and then I get a glimpse of the real world. I want to stay there, in the real word. Please help me hold on. Please help me wake up.

Love & Light,
The (un)Awakened Momma