The Present: Part 1


There’s a song in my heart today! As I commenced my peanut-butter-sandwich-making and coffee-drinking morning ritual, I uncharacteristically began to belt out a song (I’m usually a zombie of very few words in the mornings).

“Time keeps on slippin’
Into the future
Time keeps on slippin’, slippin’, slippin’
Into the future
So I wanna fly like an eagle to the sea
Fly like an eagle, let the spirit carry me
I wanna fly
Fly right into the future
I wanna feed the babies, that can’t get enough to eat
I wanna shoe the children, with no shoes on their feet
I wanna house the people, livin’ in the street
Oh yeah, there’s a solution
I wanna fly like an eagle to the sea
Fly like an eagle, let that spirit carry me
I wanna fly, oh yeah
Fly right into the future”

After the third time of sounding like a broken record (because that’s all I remember of the song), the significance of the words coming out of my mouth made a crash landing in my brain and almost knocked me over.
Let me paint the picture a little more clearly for you:

There I am standing in my kitchen at 7:30 AM, my son is being less mischievous and yell-y vocal than usual (he’s not a morning person either… Or maybe he’s too much of a morning person?). I’m happily spreading peanut butter and making Elmo shapes out of bread and I’m doing it all to the sound of my own tune!
When I became self-aware of the moment that was transpiring, I immediately noticed how much smoother this morning was going in comparison to all others. Was it the fact that my wonderful and dear husband grabbed the kidlet at 6 AM to give me an extra hour of sleep? No, I sensed it was more than that (although it did contribute because I don’t remember feeling like American Idol when I was first summoned for mommy duty at 5:30 AM). So I reached a little further back in time for the cause of my perfectly aligned morning….

Ah yes! (Cue grin)
Last night was pretty magical!

To be continued (tomorrow)

Love & Light,
The Awakened Momma

How beautiful is this painting from Katie Daisy? Her work is amazing and I thought it was fitting for this post.


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