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Fly Like an Eagle (Skydiving Birthday Surprise)


     I jumped out of a plane today!! I’m typing this so luckily that means I didn’t die :-p. My 27th birthday was last week and although the hubby wanted to surprise me on my actual birthday, Hurricane Irma the week before meant the Skydive center was having power issues on that day. It was one of the most memorable things I’ve ever done. We chose not to get pictures or videos, which at first I worried I might regret but then I realized that it was a perfect opportunity to experience the moment to the fullest knowing that I’d never get it back. Of course that is true of every moment; once it’s gone, it’s gone… but in this age of social media sometimes it feels like we’re supposed to care more about the memory than the actual moment itself. I am so glad that this moment is mine and mine alone, video wouldn’t have done what I felt justice anyway

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