Fly Like an Eagle (Skydiving Birthday Surprise)


     I jumped out of a plane today!! I’m typing this so luckily that means I didn’t die :-p. My 27th birthday was last week and although the hubby wanted to surprise me on my actual birthday, Hurricane Irma the week before meant the Skydive center was having power issues on that day. It was one of the most memorable things I’ve ever done. We chose not to get pictures or videos, which at first I worried I might regret but then I realized that it was a perfect opportunity to experience the moment to the fullest knowing that I’d never get it back. Of course that is true of every moment; once it’s gone, it’s gone… but in this age of social media sometimes it feels like we’re supposed to care more about the memory than the actual moment itself. I am so glad that this moment is mine and mine alone, video wouldn’t have done what I felt justice anyway

 When he first told me we were skydiving I internally freaked out a little (“holy crap, holy crap, holy crap”) but then decided that the best way to handle this potentially scary situation was to not think about it until the moment was upon me. There was quite a bit of waiting when we got to the center, I still refused to think about what we were about to do.

     Once we got on the plane, things became more real. I was all strapped in and there were about 12-15 of us stacked into a small plane. As the plane took off the buildings, cars, and trees grew smaller and smaller until they disappeared beneath the clouds. “Wait! Clouds? How high are we going?!” Lol, I had done zero research on what to expect when skydiving so I had no idea just how high we were gonna go. Still I remained calm and refused to think about my imminent descent. I have been on a plane before and have always enjoyed gazing out at the clouds so that’s what I did while we climbed to 11,000 feet in the air.

     Suddenly, a gust of wind came into the plane, the doors were opened and the first tandem team jumped out.

“Whoa, that was quick, where’d they go?”

There went the second team.

My hubby was next, we looked at each other and exchanged “I love yous” and a second later… Whoosh!

My heart jumped to my throat, my beloved, my best friend, my soulmate, just fell out of the sky! I didn’t have much time to process that terrifying sight before half a minute later my body was moving and my instructor guided me to the edge of the plane. My feet dangled out of the door and almost immediately I was free-falling. Words are not gonna suffice to describe what it was like. Although I tried to limit my expectations, I did sort of expect to be petrified and to lose my voice from screaming like I do when I ride rollercoasters.

     The reality was the complete opposite. It was a blissful descent. I felt like I was at home amongst the clouds, as if I was born to soar. I’ve always been in love with the sky. Sunrise/sunsets, the clouds, the stars, etc have always swept me off my feet with their majestic beauty. And as if that feeling itself wasn’t magical enough, right before my instructor deployed our parachute I saw a full circle rainbow below us! I can’t believe that I was falling through a cloud and into a rainbow! It felt like finding something that I didn’t know was missing.

Not an actual picture of the one I saw but this is what it looked like.

     Once our parachute deployed and the adrenaline of freefall started to pass I did the only thing that felt natural, I spread my arms wings and embodied a bird. It truly felt like I was flying with my own body. It offered me such a beautiful shift in perspective. Nothing mattered, there were no thoughts in my head, it was a moment of Satori, a Buddhist term for a sudden flash of total presence and awareness… Enlightenment!

     I honestly didn’t expect to fall in love with skydiving the way I did. When I thought of skydiving before I just thought of the adrenaline rush you get when you ride a roller coaster, but this wasn’t like that at all for me. For me it was one of the most spiritual experiences I’ve ever had, it was seeing the beauty of God and all that is from a height and velocity that I’ve never experienced before. It was a transformative human experience that allowed me to put into practice so much about what I’ve learned when it comes to the power of the present moment.

     My 27th birthday wish is to approach everything the way I approached skydiving.

  1. Don’t overthink it
  2. Be fully present
  3. See the beauty that’s all around

Love & Light,

The Awakened Momma


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