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Celebrate good times, come on!


It’s my blogiversary!!! A year ago today, after the kiddo went to bed, I sat down and wrote this. I was pretty desperate for change, for progress. Life was overwhelming me, suffocating me little by little everyday (that sounds really dramatic). It wasn’t THAT bad, but in the midst of it I knew that I was not living life to the fullest.

Fast forward a year and I’m very grateful for the divine energies that encouraged me to sit down and write that night. Even though this blog is severely neglected, it has definitely been fulfilling it’s purpose of helping me heal. It’s almost as if I was tied by anchors and thrown under water before; now every time I bare my soul on here its like loosening another anchor and swimming closer and closer to the surface.

I’m at a point now where I feel like the constant anxiety freezes that used to overcome me are becoming distant memories and my moods are constant and happy overall. I count my blessings everyday by keeping a “gratitude jar” and I’m working hard at tossing old habits and thought patterns that no longer serve me. I’ve found healing in so many places, people, and resources and I do hope to write all about it one day. I have many unfinished blog posts but everything will happen in divine time.

I wish I was cool enough to host a giveaway to celebrate my blogiversary, but alas I’m only mildly cool so 20 random facts about me will have to suffice. 😉

1) I’m an introvert.
2) Loving myself has been one of my biggest challenges but I have a much better handle on it lately. I rock. 
3) I’ve been married to my high school sweet heart for five years (celebrated last week!) and I’m still crazy in love with him. He rocks. 
4) I’m convinced I learn more from my little than he does from me. He super rocks. 
5) I never wanna cut his hair! You can’t make me 😝
6)) Growing up I wanted to be a ballerina, dentist, lawyer, psychologist, massage therapist, teacher. In that order. 
7) I decided to become a photographer when searching for a birth photographer and weeping over how amazing the images I encountered were. My soul was moved!
8) I change my mind weekly about wanting more kids. 
9) I have a huge bucket list. 
10) I move a lot. Probably over 2 dozen times since I was little. 
11) My sweet tooth is a monster. Her name is Grumbelina. 
12) I’m getting tired of saying “I”
13) Laughing (obnoxiously) is my favorite. 
14) I’m not afraid to dream big. I wanna be great. 
15) I suffer from severe hangry-ness. I could have my own snickers commercial lol. 
16) I still remember reading the first Harry Potter book, I don’t think I left my room for two days. 
17) This list is getting random. I love lamp
18) I can have a full conversation with just movie and tv references. If you think that’s hard…that’s what she said. 
19) I dislike small talk but I love deep and meaningful conversations. 
20) I thought this list would never end. 

So that’s a bit about me. If you read that, thank you! This post has been a bit rushed so forgive any errors, I will come back and edit it. Just wanted to post it in time to commemorate the fact that a year has passed and life has indeed gotten better!

Love, light, & blessings,

The Awakened Momma


Addicted to Distractions?

Addicted to Distractions?

This is going to hurt…

Another day gone, wasted away pointlessly browsing the web, obsessively checking my email, and letting my mind run on auto pilot all day. I understand the word addiction is a strong one, but I assure you it’s the right word.

Typing this is painful. The shame and guilt that go along with the word addiction feel strong enough to swallow me whole.
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Way To Go Wednesday!

Way To Go Wednesday!

  I ‘ve reread my last post a few times since posting it and I instantly felt all of the negativity and frustration climbing out of my screen and back into my being. I’m glad I wrote the post, it helped me release, but I want to do a little soul uplifting today so I dub today “Way to go Wednesday”! 

Way to go Wednesday is just a quick list of the things I’m doing right. I’ve already admitted that I tend to be my harshest critic so in the spirit of change and enlightenment….

This is Why I’m Hot:
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Dear Self,

Dear Self,

They should warn you that when you start a blog the thoughts in your head become like the last few Cheerios in a bowl full of milk. You’ll chase those suckers around with your spoon, but they’ll continuously evade you with their super ninja skills. So as I’m scrambling together my Cheerios..er, thoughts I feel a block. I’m looking for my next post in the future (the changes I want to make) and the past (the issues and intimacies of my messed up head) but true to the nature of this blog, the present moment is where the goodies are. In the NOW, I feel there is one important thing I need to do before I proceed. Please allow me to address this issue in a letter to myself.

Dear Self,
I forgive you. Your harsh words and judgements have hurt me, but I forgive you Self. I understand a little bit better now that the way you talk to me is the way you’ve allowed others to talk to you in the past. It’s a cycle, and although I forgive you, I no longer want to participate in or perpetuate this cycle. Self, you are powerful and magnificent and together we can be the stars of our own movie. I can sense your fear but don’t let it consume you. Face it Self, you’re pretty damn powerful, but don’t be afraid of your own power and embrace it instead!
From this moment, I will no longer hear you when you tell me I’m not a good enough mom, wife, or friend. I will no longer agree with you when you insist that everyone else is better at life than I am. I won’t let you hold me back from achieving the greatness that is my birthright by convincing me that I am not capable of it. Guess what? I am capable of greatness, I am worthy of love, I am a beautiful person. Guess what? So are you! I love you self, you are not alone. Don’t be afraid because I have it on good authority that every little thing is gonna be alright.

Love & Light,
The Awakened Momma